Why is Insurance for young people ridiculously high in Ireland?

I have spoken to young people who want to get on in life and improve their lives by getting a car.

They don’t have it easy they have to do a theory test half the time not passing so that’s money, now there’s a delay in getting an appointment to obtain a provisional drivers licence, they have to fill out forms get an eye test within a month of the appointment which is hard with covid then do their driving lessons.

So why is Ireland so expensive compared to other countries? Why for a typical 18-25 year old they are being asked for insurance of 2800 to 8000 euro?

Can we not do something for these young people? Apprentices require a vehicle otherwise its harder for them to go to college and carry all their tools everyday to site.

Here’s another question why do you have to have a qualified driver in your car when if you owned a motorbike or moped you don’t need a qualified driver behind you on one also? Can someone clarify that please?

By Maura Bryann


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