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Well-known businessman Nicholas Gill soon to start Ballymaloe

Nicolas Gill well-known Irish businessman is soon to start a three-month course down in Ballymaloe with the Allen Family. Nicolas Gill during his duration of the three months will be blogging every day his experiences and also his day to day life down in the school. 

Nicholas says he is looking forward to the three months down in Ballymaloe he has just finished 12 months in Spain where he became fantastic at horse riding and came second in the Grand Nationals in Madrid where he won a number of trophies. He is now looking forward to getting into cooking and cannot wait to meet people down there from all different continents. 

He says he will miss his family and friends back in Dublin his friends say once he lands in Dublin airport he’s always off again, he is now soon to head to Corsica for 13 days and then comes back and packs to get ready for his trip down in Ballymaloe. His blog will be available on the 23rd of September on his personal website and we hope you will enjoy his daily blog and join the journey of Nicolas Gill cooking every day.