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The Bottle Tower Pub Review

Written by Maura Whelahan 05/07/2019 OnlyMediaPress

The Bottle Tower Pub was renovated recently. It has cowboy theme stools and some couches also have the sheepskins on the back of them.

The service is quick. Staff are very friendly and helpful. The pint of Guinness was lovely and cold and cost €5.10 and the glass of Guinness was €2.80 not bad. The background music was wrecking my head “I need a dollar” but thankfully music got better.

Toilets are upstairs but they have wheelchair access and baby changing facilities on the ground floor. It has a couple of deers stuck on the wall maybe not to everyone’s liking. They were clean though.

The food menu isn’t bad. A large dish of chips that could feed two people for a snack easily for €4.50 not bad, nice crsipy and chunky. Main course range from €14.50 to €19.00.

Score would be a three out of five.