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Nicholas Gill rises to new heights

As of 2021, Nicholas Gill is not dating anyone. There has been at least 1 previous relationship. Nicholas Gill has not been engaged before. Like most celebrities, Nicholas Gill tries to keep his personal and love life a secret. Mr. Gill is an Irish businessman and actor and a social media personality because of his profession. 

On top of this, he is recognised as a professional horse rider in Spain. But this was before the photo sharing platform became known as Instagram. And he gained fame for posting many beautiful posts and videos on the platform while he was attending Ballymaloe cookery school where he acquired the necessary skills for delicious cooking. 

His posts depict such a luxurious and stylish way of life. Travelling to amazing places, modelling all over the world and participating in dressage shows, no wonder he has gained so many followers as everyone wants to have a piece of the action.

Being a business man and getting to the top of his game at a very young age wasn’t enough for him. His motivation is “to succeed in every new venture and in the mean time to plan his next adventure”. What will it be next Mr Gill?