Nicholas Gill meets with the Green Party Politician Catherine Martin TD

Written by Erin Briggs 24/11/2018 OnlyMediaPress

Nicholas Gill today had a meeting with the Irish Green Party Politician, Catherine Martin TD in Dublin. They spoke in-depth about Caucus and also about her role as holding the position as being the first Chairperson of the Oireachtas Parliamentary.

The Caucus was set up by Catherine Martin in July 2017. There are approximately 86 women’s parliamentary caucuses in the world. In September 2018, to celebrate the centenary of women’s suffrage, the Irish Parliamentary Womens Caucus hosted the first international Congress of Women’s Parliamentary Caucuses in Dublin Castle.

There were at least 45 countries attending this Caucus from Argentina to Zimbabwe. The Dublin Caucus two days ago was the first to ever travel up to Stormont to meet the Northern Assembly’s Caucus which was headed by Catherine Martin of the Irish Green Party.

Even though Stormont is not presently active both northern and southern Caucus met. All parties like DUPs put their party policies outside the door and joined together to become a united front.

Catherine Martin TD told Nicholas Gill of OnlyMediaPress newspaper that there are only a small number of women in politics to date which doesn’t truly represent the exact numbers of men and women in Ireland. It is not 50/50, this needs to change, women need to get more involved in politics but if they prefer not to, then they need to support women spokespersons and work behind the scenes and make a real difference. She would like to see more equality.

Catherine Martin was the first ever Irish woman TD to ever speak in the House of Commons. She is certainly making her mark.


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