InPulsed Irelands very first social networking website and its new app (coming soon)

By Lisa Peters 10/11/18 OnlyMediaPress

InPulsed is a social networking website it was designed in 2015, by its founder who is a well-known businessman Nicholas Gill who has also founded the Facial Expressions Research Group in 2010, and who has also dedicated to finding OnlyMediaPress in 2016. We have interviewed Nicholas Gill a good few times now on various media platforms and we are always interested to see what he is up to, but the most important thing in this weeks topic is his new app for InPulsed which is coming in the next few months.

The public would like to hear more about Ireland’s first social networking website InPulsed and its founder Nicholas Gill.

Gill said that his InPulsed app should be published in the next coming months and there will be very exciting and exclusive things you will find out with his newly designed app. Gill who works extremely hard to help people and has helped people start their own companies over the years as being a mentor, he has certainly shown his own wisdom in the past by being an entrepreneur of at least three companies.

Mr Gill had retired from his main company the Facial Expressions Research Group to take up new projects and one of them was horse riding in Spain.  He has won many competitions all around Europe. He came second in the Grand Open in 2017 in Madrid and he was honored with a trophy. Mr Gill has been seen in the media spotlight a good few times since his rise as a young businessman.

Gill never rests, he is always on the go hardly ever stopping. He likes to keep active and using his entrepreneur skills to always come up with new and great ideas. Gill has recently got into modelling and is always waiting for his big gig to come.  He recently was on a catwalk and stunned the crowd with his looks and kindness.


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