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Founder Mr.Gill of Gourmet Lifestyle Critic gets harsh on Hotel reviews

Mr.Gill who is an extremely well-known Irish Businessman and graduate from Ballymaloe Cookery School, who is well travelled and speaks 2 languages fluently has been recently visiting Hotels in Ireland and reviewing a few but leaving some quiet harsh and truthful reviews on his blog. Mr.Gill has said he is surprised with some of the standards of Hotels in Ireland and has stated he has been extremely disappointed by a lot of hotels that he just could not give a good review to.  

He says his last couple of hotels he stayed in he would never return to and would love to start to see a lot better standards as he had mentioned in his last review. Some hotel managers have got back to Mr.Gill with unnecessary comments which he says is completely unprofessional and not necessary Mr.Gill has the complete right to post his opinion on a review he stated.

Mr Gill wants to help people find good standard hotels to stay in by giving his honest review and people getting truthful facts. Of course prices are on my mind but on the other hand i’m there to do a review not muck about he said.

Mr Gill who is well travelled and has travelled all over the world staying in many 5 star hotels to 1 star hotels has had plenty of experience when it comes to travelling . Also after working in a 5 star hotel himself who best to give advise on what he experiences on his visits so others can take on board what he says in his latest reviews. But of course at the end of the day it is each to their own opinion.