First hand help of watching the food stations for the homeless

Written by Sean Peterson 04/11/2018 OnlyMedia press

Mr Gill was interviewing a very interesting man called Tom Duffy from Feed the Homeless tonight outside the old bank opposite the famous Trinity College in Dublin, Mr Gill was with his reporter from OnlyMedia.Press who was videoing first hand what is actually going on behind the streets of Dublin.

Tom Duffy stated that he has been helping the homeless for two years now and had also expressed to Mr Gill in the interview his shock that within five minutes 54 chicken nuggets and chips were gone. Tom also announced that they haven’t stopped since 7.25pm or earlier.   He has sleeping bags, underwear, socks and other things in the van in which will help out significantly, and they all will be handed out soon, but they don’t have enough as the Irish weather is getting colder and there is so much of demand for these items, they don’t get any support from the Government other than any help from the public.

Mr Gill announces his gratitude to Tom Duffy and asks the question how can we get this subject more out there? Mr Gill and his reporter had brought today packets of crisps, socks, hats, gloves and biscuits to give their gratitude to what’s happening behind the streets of Dublin.

They need continuously sleeping bags, socks, gloves, hats, coats for men and women lets get the government to realise what’s happening.



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