Business Tycoon Nicholas Gill considered bringing to court back in Early 2019

OnlyMedia.Press April 26, 2020
Nicholas Gill former CEO of the Facial Expressions Research Group was considering bringing to court in 2019 as he had an agreement with one of their writers at the beginning of 2019 in which they would publish articles on a weekly basis and it would be under Mr.Gills right if it was published or taken down.
Considering bringing them to court was certainly not on my “to do list” said Mr.Gill so I decided to get my group The Facial Expressions Research Group to track the writer down which took a painful 2 weeks.

The case began with an ongoing battle to try to track down the person who had published the various articles about me to have them taken down, my group tracked the writer down through great difficulty, we wrote him a letter demanding that if he did not take the subject articles down we would have to bring him to court. He then continued to pretend that he wasn’t the person who published the articles in the first place. Through determination my group had tracked down conversation records in which he then knew to respond by taking the articles down immediately.

After I checked the news website all articles were removed as asked, on Tuesday the 8th of October I looked at the link and it was coming up as a porn link. I have demanded from various website links on google to have these said articles removed and it’s an ongoing progress. I,  under no circumstances, am going to be taking this lightly. I appreciate my privacy. Certain websites have tried to disclose my NetWorth and I have asked google to remove these links as-well, I was going to bring the party who was responsible to court in coming months if this continued.

Disclaimer For This Article – I take no responsibility for this article under no circumstances it was a dispute between and after tracking them down, the writer had then agreed to take down all articles. I recommend not going to this website. This is my Opinion in which I am in my complete right to do so.


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