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Business Tycoon Mr.Gill has accused the Government of not deciding about lockdown levels in Ireland

OnlyMedia.Press October 5, 2020
The uncertainty for most Irish households and people not having jobs as Level five restrictions might be imposed on the entire country to keep schools open, the National Public Health Emergency Team (Nphet) has warned. But they must make their decision and fast says Mr.Gill. The country has been through enough without having to wake up and read negative headline news not only to mention that but for the government not to have the knowledge about the country’s decision to lock down to level 5 is extremely frustrating for most of the people in Ireland especially for those of us who are worried about paying their bills.

He says this must stop! you need to make the decision and then publish it on national news so those people can plan ahead.

The coalition party leaders have concluded their meeting with the chief medical officer where they discussed a recommendation that the State should move to an effective national lockdown for four weeks in an attempt to get Covid-19 numbers under control.

Mr. Gill told The Irish Times the Cabinet was not going to decide to move the entire country to a Level 5 status.

The source said that an elevation would occur from current status level, leaving the possibility open of moving to Level 4 status.

A Cabinet meeting is taking place this afternoon to sign off on any change in controls.

As said the , Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Tony said a “graduated approach” to Covid-19 rules will not work and recommended the introduction of the most severe restrictions under the five level plan for living with the virus. Mr Holohan said there has been a “sustained increase” in the number of cases among people over 65 which has risen from 6 per 10,000 to 67.3 per 100,000 in just over a month.

Mr.Gill says decisions must be made and the uncertainty has to stop. The country should go down on a stronger lockdown which he completely agrees with and says let’s try and get this serious virus under control once and for all.