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Are we loosing out on the simple things in life with covid?

We took our lives for granted, maybe didn’t call into our friends or parents as much, as we all just got on with our every day lives.

Covid has affected everyone in one shape form or another. Grandparents cannot see their Grandchildren anytime they want, read them a story, babysit them, bring them out and walk with them in the park.

Our new normal now consists of keeping a social distance. Not being able to give our grandparents or even our parents a simple hug, sit with them and have a good chat or watch television with them side by side, instead we are having to see them with a window between us, afraid to meet them cos you don’t want it on your conscience that we gave them covid. Having to talk on phone or on video. The personal touch gone.

If you have an elderly parent or relative think of how they are loosing out on the human touch, interaction and the company they no longer have. We are all WORRIED and trying to do our best to beat this virus so that we can get back to our old normal, the proper one we had before this disaster.

If our loved ones are in hospital or nursing homes they are feeling lost, alone, confused and very scared. If our loved ones are dying we can’t be in the room for fear of us getting the virus. How can we give our respects at a funeral when the numbers are practically nothing? Or weddings there is little or no-one there.

Let’s please adhere to the guidelines, stop the parties, group congregations, keep washing our hands etc so that we can have our lives before Covid. Stop being stupid and think of all the people who are loosing out, who have lost their lives to Covid, the people who are in intensive care with this and all the front line workers and those majority of people who are doing the protocols otherwise we will be on full lockdown, or worse we will have extremely high unemployment. Is that what we want for our country? Seriously is it? If Ireland really put its mind to something we can achieve it, think back to Band Aid we all went out and gave more than anyone, well if we can do that what’s to say we can’t beat covid and get back to having our old normal with no numbers of covid, we did it there let’s do this and show the world what the whole of Ireland can do as a united front, north and south.

By Maria Brill