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Are the covid levels confusing us?

When we first started our lockdown we were told specifically what we can and what we couldn’t do, we were all crystal clear of the boundaries.

As the country slowly opened up again confusion then set in. We were all getting confusing signals.

We were on a level but with added bits onto the present level its making people confused in some way. This leads to panic and also anger.

Everyone is now watching the North of Ireland with their lockdown and see if their restrictions are better than ours or not.

At present they are only closing restaurants and coffee shops now, the off licences there are closing at 8pm, their gyms are going to be still open, you can still go into mass if you want whereas here in the rest of Ireland we don’t have that. Twenty five people can go to a wedding there but in the rest of Ireland there are six allowed on level four.

The rest of Ireland that isn’t on level four we are feeling a level of confusion with the fact we are only on level three but with the plus plus added on so you are feeling are we really on level three or seeing we are with the plus items shouldn’t we really just be put on level four full stop?

Are we really working on level three or are people just not caring anymore and that’s why numbers are constantly rising?

We all need to pull together like we did the first time and beat this virus. If we don’t we will be seeing high unemployment and streets with businesses boarded up. Is that what we want?

By Shean Wilson