What old sayings do you remember that were said as you grew up?

Written by Maura Bradley  11/11/2018 OnlyMediaPress

We’re you ever told you better eat the carrots you never see a rabbit wearing glasses! As a young child one would even question that so we would be on the lookout for rabbits, you may see them in a field and realise yes my parents were right they don’t wear glasses so carrots must be good. Then there was if we were running very fast to see our friends we would be told “If you break a leg don’t come running back to me” now how can we do that if you think about it, yet it made some sense when we were young!

What about “now love you better eat the crusts on your bread ‘cos you will get hairs on your chests”! Pardon me, will you, I’m a flaming girl, who wants to have hairs on your chest, imagine that and me wearing a bra? No way!

Here’s another one, “If you lose your eyes don’t come looking for me”! Well now, how does that make sense! “If you eat your spinach you will be like Popeye big and strong”! Well, I hated spinach and everything green after that cos I didn’t want to be him, with a pipe and his funny outfit.

“Don’t stand near a boy with paint and leather shoes as he can look up your skirt”, that was said by the nuns in school. What ones can you remember?


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