How did we cope in the past when we had no mobile phones?

Written by Maria Brill 10/11/2018 OnlyMediaPress

When we were young you went out with your friends, you told your parents where you were going and where. As soon as the street lights started lighting you knew the very first one lite you had to be home for dinner. You wouldn’t dare be late as you knew you would be in serious trouble and would be grounded.

If you wanted to organise a date you discussed it with each other, the time, the place, what you wanted to do etc before you left each other if you lived a far distance from one another then count down the days to meet.

If you were lucky you had a neighbour who owned a house phone. One would queue outside that house with the pennies and coins to make that important call at a certain time. When it was your turn, you had an egg timer beside the phone where you When do put more coins in for your call. The other person would be at a designated phone box ready waiting for that call. You knew it would be around the time but not on the button of 6 pm but in or around that time.

We used pen and paper writing to each other saying I will meet you under Cleary’s clock or Eason’s clock at a certain time. Then you would be waiting days for that letter to arrive so you knew what was happening and then you had to reply quickly as you knew it would take a few days to get back there to get a reply. It was slow and frustrating but we knew no better, now we have text or email.

If you were late, or in an accident or unwell the poor person waiting wouldn’t know whether you were coming or not as we had no mobiles to update the situation. At times this would cause arguments.



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